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The Scenario: You're now in charge of the Kobiyashi Maru Product, which has been plagued with delays since its inception. To Get The Product Out The Door, the senior team has decided to Shake Things Up by offering direct input That Must Be Utilized--plus, a hard deployment deadline. Despite the team's best efforts, the product is not ready by this deadline. In fact, Kobiyashi Maru will likely ship months later than the senior team decreed. The senior team has not be responsive to updates alerting them to product status. Until now. With the artificial deadline missed, the senior team has set up a meeting to discuss what's going on.

...And no one on the senior team understands your job.

PMS remains an enigma because of the wide-ranging symptoms and the difficulty in making a firm diagnosis. Several theories have been advanced to explain the cause of PMS. None of these theories have been proven, and specific treatment for PMS still largely lacks a solid scientific basis. Most evidence suggests that PMS results from the alterations in or interactions between the levels of sex hormones and brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.

Truly, one of the most bizarre comments I've ever received.

ooh, I am late reading this, but I hope it went well! Let us know what hapneps.Oh. I Just saw your tweet over there. Annoying that he got all spiffed up (totally making an assumption here) and then got bumped. I'll be thinking of you guys (more than normal not stalker like AT ALL) on Monday! You deserve an Alice-Night-Duty free night!

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