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Hi Brian,In my opinion Christians who are into inreentt Marketing SHOULD be successfull, as a matter of fact they should be successfull in anything they lay their hands upon as long as they commit it into God's hands.Shannon thanks for this post yes indeed Jesus is the reason for the Season.

"I don't think that Democrats and liberals want us to win in Iraq, lose in Iraq...". Just a misamstetent by someone rapidly talking, or Freudian slip? Heh. :)Honestly, he doesn't really think that more words will convince people the left really supports the US, does he? After the years of attacks on Bush? After Michael Moore? After ex-Vice President Al Gore denounced Bush's administration as "a renegade band of rightwing extremists" just the other day? At the Hay Festival of the Guardian, that anti-American rag? In Great Britain, a foreign country yet? Beinart must really think we're stupid. (And it scares me yet again to think that that nut Gore was so close to becoming president.)Beinart talks so fast that he's just plain annoying. I saw him interviewing someone from National Review on C-SPAN and I just couldn't stand him. I had to change channels. In the podcast I heard so much utter BS up to the point above that I was too disgusted to listen to the rest. Just another steaming serving of the same leftist BS we've heard for years.

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