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And the thing with Superman is, not only have new complications crept back into the stories but the SAME CONCEPTS they washed away 20 years ago are being knowingly reintroduced now! Again we have Supergirl, Krypto, and a full spectrum of Kryptonite! DC even recently brought back a whole legion of Kryptonians...

Innovation without a clear vision gets us extra knobs and extra features and UI designs that grow increasingly complex and frustrating. But even if you have a clear vision, and are listening to the market, you can end up in that same strange place...

For example, new users may want the simplest application possible but experienced users may demand the next version include more advanced features. So what do you do? Offer Pro and Lite versions? (May not be practical.) Reinvent, to try and make a single product that works for both the old and the new? (Not easy.)

I like the idea of creating flexible UIs (context-sensitive menus, plug-ins, etc.) as a way of evolving the product to meet market needs, but that's not a one-size-fits-all solution either.

Hm. This is kind of depressing. Or, maybe, it's an opportunity. None of these solutions is perfect, or guaranteed to work. And even if they do work, they may only work for a short time, as market needs continue to change. That's why Superman goes from being the last survivor of Krypton to the leading light among a new race of Kryptonians, and Batman goes from being Bruce Wayne to whoever's under the cowl right now. Eventually, the wheel will turn again and Superman will be alone and Batman will be Bruce Wayne.

It's up to us to listen to the market, decide on a course of action, and evolve appropriately to solve both short and long-term goals. Easy peasy, right? But, that's what we're here for :-)

- Chris

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