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installation and troubleshooting guide Part 1. It was aweosme and I was able to achieve the result. I was really looking forward to configure the Chrisholm codeplex webpart but could not find anywhere your post for the same. I however tried to configure it using the documentation available on codeplex but was not successful in my attempt. Can you please guide me as to how to configure the same. Its a very critical functionality for me. Your help will be highly appreciated.Thanks,Geetanjali

There are many important ctrieira in selecting a proper tool and vendor for Innovation Pipeline Management:1. Ease of use?2. Complete end-to-end application to collect ideas and turn them into reality. ?3. Maturity of product ?4. Client references (industry specific if possible) ?5. Product roadmap ?6. Experienced innovation pipeline mgmt experts to help rollout ?7. Financials component to determine ROI?8. Commitment and Passion from vendor towards client-specific success Paul Tran ?BrightIdea

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Saunier Mod.Thema CONDđĽNS F25 25kW

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