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rating. This is the first issue that must be solved if ratnigs are to mean anything useful.The second is to make ratnigs more clear, which is something we think the PG-13 and NC-17 ratnigs have muddied. G, PG, R, and X should be enough. And if you think the letter ratnigs have overshadowed the actual content descriptors (which is a good point), maybe the descriptors need more prominent visibility and the ratnigs a color code (green, blue, red, black).

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A PC is not an appliance, Bastille Day edition - The Heretech

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A PC is not an appliance, Bastille Day edition - The Heretech

A PC is not an appliance, Bastille Day edition - The Heretech

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A PC is not an appliance, Bastille Day edition - The Heretech
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A PC is not an appliance, Bastille Day edition - The Heretech
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