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Foods were created for as to live and grow hehtaly. But nowadays the global news about the food poisoning is so shocking because it threatens public health and diseases are hurting everyone. Because it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a story about how unhehtaly Americans have become. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise among adults and children alike. A recent story in the New York Times reported that kidney stones are becoming more and more common in children as young as 5 or 6. A child with kidney stones used to be a rare occurrence, but now, some hospitals have opened pediatric kidney stone clinics in order to accommodate all of the kids that come in with kidney stones. The main preventative measure parents can take to help their children avoid developing a kidney stone is to encourage them to stay hydrated and discourage the over consumption of salt. However, it’s hard for parents to be with their kids all the time to ensure they’re putting the right things in their bodies—like at school—and sometimes kids just don’t listen. Not only is a kidney stone harmful to your kid, it can be a major blow to your budget. If your child develops a kidney stone, or is hit with some other health issue, you can always get payday installment loans to help cover the medical costs until you get paid next.

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