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Thanks for the shout-out. It seems that many agile teams are redefining product management as only those things that development needs but missing the activities that the business needs. product management is a strategic role, not just a technical one.

There are two very interesting conpects in your post.Seeing agile thinking as a system rather than a technique inventedby geeks, and borrowing from other disciplines. I myself havelearnt solution to a lot of BA issues from Medical practitioners,civil engineers and professional negotiators from FBI to name afew. The fact that we as software community are not living in avaccum cube is a relalization which we need to achieve to be ableto build our community over the shoulder of other thinkers ratherthan reinventing everything naively. Thanks for the greatinspiration. Very well timed. I am reading a great book named thinking in systems by Donella h. Meadows.a0 I found theconcepts noted in the book as timeless.

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Living in an Agile world - The Heretech
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