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At last, someone comes up with the "right" answre!

a slightly drnfeieft way this time.I am thinking that training somebody else' would be a much grey-er area than to train one self. I say this because It would be easier to train someone using methods you know' work but these methods are typically methods that work for you. It would be very hard/impossible to know/find out what works as well for others because of the $$ and time it would take and many people, including myself would not have enough to have some else to help us find it. Plus you would have the issue of training others while trying to do you thing' in your spare time so you could attain your results'. Teaching people the root knowledge' and giving them the confidence to be their own expert in order to work out the best branches to support them, balancing having the best branches' (for them) with enough branches to take into account for a changing life would be a huge difficulty. Given these, and other difficulties I don't know about, it is reasonable to assume that trainers are left' with their own balance help the client find out what works for them and teach them to do it without the them. On one hand they could trying to help you find out what works, which takes more time/money to discover than many people are willing to pay (even if they are able to create' a program that takes into account your time constraints) and, on the other hand, train you more like they train themselves and you have to hope that those results have an amount of cross over that fits' well enough with you. Matt (and other PT's), I would like to hear your thoughts/experiences with this?CheersLaurie From Down Under'

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