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Hi there... the link you posted to the survey leads you to a page where you enter your name, company and email address. When you hit enter it says "We're sorry, this survey cannot be found."

Just thought you'd want to know...

Hi Randa. I just filled out the srveuy form. Had to do it twice (by clearing out the cookies in my browser), because the first time it submitted the form when I pressed Enter to type a new line. Why don't you use a textarea field instead of the tall input field that's getting confused as a textarea? This way people can press enter to type a long answer on multiple lines. Also, you should consider having a wrapping text in your textareas in the srveuy.Also, was wondering how come you're not asking your readers to provide links to their websites/blogs?Great idea to get to know your readers better. I should come up with smth similar on my blog.P.S. Now I see why David's comment is showing up with my avatar looked so weird when I first saw it here.

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