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Tom - I'm looking forward to the podcast and Saeed's comments. I've enabled Product Management, Product Marketing teams and for the organizations I've worked with, Product Management is an organization and discipline. Hence, Product Marketing and Product Management have reported to the same senior manager, with varieties sprinkled around for fun.

Your points in the post drive a lot of the credibility and viability that Product Management (the organization) may create and sustain. Whether one group or two, it doesn't really matter as long as the CEO understands the value, understands the organizational alignment and uses the team to guide product success and lighten the business strategy load executive management ultimately carries.

Thanks for a fresh view on this long-lived problem. Putting PMs and PMMs together is a good model... an old 2003 post of mine on "Where Should PM Report?" http://bit.ly/hqVEI suggested endless wandering from Mktg to Eng and back.
"product guys" fails the HR test and "product mgmt/mktg" is too wordy. Borrow "product owners" from agile?

Unfortunately, "product owner" has a precise meaning in Agile that doesn't encompass everything a PM or PMM might do. And, of course, there are those, such as Saeed, who insist on a wall of separation between the PO and PM functions. Even if you don't agree that the split is necessary, organizationally-speaking, I agree that the two functions are somewhat different. (Especially given how the PO role sometimes adapts within Agile teams...But that's another topic.)

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Pretty funny how your here criticizing my rcilduious attempt at sounding professional and I see no tech reviews on your channel. Stop trying to criticize others unless you've been in their shoes. And this is actually the way I speak, I just may sound a bit weird because I do it all on the spot, No notes, no looking at computer screens, none of that. all from my head, but thanks for your comment.

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