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What a wonderful post! Having helped introduce the use case mentality into Memex' services organization in the US, I can attest to the fact that the concept is just as important in the field as it is in product development. We were able to short circuit the implementation of the Memex Intelligence Management suite from 9-12 months to less than 3 months by embracing use cases.

Of course we've now embraced the concept at my new venture, but please don't tell anyone...it's our secret weapon :-)

Thanks again for a great post.

Sam Bayer

ICBVNb At last, someone comes up with the "right" answer!

Trust your instincts first and foomsret. IF you feel something is not right then more then likely its not. For when he is not accounted for throw a spoke into his bikewheel..when you know hes heading out for a couple hours unaccounted for follow him. Get someone else to follow him..get a friend to be a decoy. Get a friend to hit on him and see if he takes the bait..if he does then y ouve got this cheater on your hands. Sounds to me like hes got someone there and hes going to their home and sleeping with them. Get the actual phone records because hes probably erasing his history because he knows with your spying skills that would be a dead give away. Id suggest following him getting a decoy or else observe very closely his interactions with others and if one seems a bit off then you know who hes likely messing with. I am more then willing to say this loser husband of yours is cheating and id probably leave even with out the evidence of yet another affair.

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