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Hi. Glad to find your site. Thanks.

Here's what I think are some of the interesting conversations around Lean/Agile we will see in 2010.

1. Culture Wars
How can Agile make peace with the Project Management Office in big organisations? It’s no good waiting for cultural change before we start delivering real value with our Agile projects. How do we ‘de-fang’ Agile, so PMO professionals don’t feel threatened by their perceived ‘loss of control’. Another title for his talk might be ‘How I stopped worrying and learned to love Agile’.

2. A new definition of ‘epic’
How do we go beyond breaking project stories down into release and iteration stories? What would a lightweight traceability framework that included constraints, enterprise stories, back stories, implementation tales and non-functional requirements look like?

3. ‘The tale of the Master Story Teller’
A user story is an ‘invitation to a conversation’, but what happens if nobody sets a date in the diary for the conversation to happen? Wouldn’t it be better to do some upfront requirements work before the first production Sprint? Wouldn’t it be nice if the first planning meeting was considering nice ‘gold standard’ user stories, where we could compare apples with apples, not applies with orchards? Everybody’s got a story to tell, but some stories are better than others. This talk considers what the world would look like if we started to consider the agile business analyst was really a master story teller, who could make sense of all the big and little stories our users bring to the party.

Love to know what you might add to the list. I write at www.masterstoryteller.co.uk and www.princelite.co.uk. Nice to cross reference if you fancy it...



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