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Tom, you sly dog! You listened to my presentation on SaaS and the Death of Product Management!

And, yes, you did get a mention at:


So, instead of using the community to generate "product requirements, persona development, use cases, and other customer insights," it's "social media."

Well, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet, etc.

I guess all that stuff about focusing too much on users (your market) because you lose track of what the market really wants because you don't...uh...listen...to...the...market is becoming non-operative, eh?

rick chapman

We (board of a proces memngaaent foundation) have started to make use of Yammer to facilitate our control processes. We all make a lot of use of our portable devices (Android, iPhone, iPad). On the iPhone/iPad version i do miss the ability to see pages and files. This is a big lack in functionality, because we decided to co-produce all our plans in Pages. Are there any expectations when the mobile-apps of Yammer will support pages and files?

thanks for share!

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