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As someone who bemoans the lack of good e-reader options, I'm certainly interested in the iPad.

That is the same reason I find the product interesting. The Kindle has some appeal, but in this era of technology, the idea of an e-reader that lack internet browsing connectivity lacks appeal. As such, the iPad's ability to function as an e-book reader and a web browser (amongst other functions) is quite appealing.

While I have been a PC/Windows guy since the 8086 era (with some experimentation with Linux throw in as well), I have utterly fallen in love with my iPhone and can see how the things I like about it would translate to the iPad.

I have a series of gripes about iTunes and some of the limitations that Apple places on the management of the music on my iPhone (and my wife's iPod Nano), but I realized how nice the iTunes model is when the kids received Sansa Mp3 players for Christmas and what a pain in rear certain kinds of media management is with those devices using Windows Media Player.

It will be intersting to see how this evolves, as I think Jobs is right about the need for a device between the notebook and the smart phone.

apple's way of doing business is smart though it does bring us ipad users much unconvenience in using the device. However, as an ipad fan, i still love my ipad and everything about it. ;)

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