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What really bothers me about geo-spatial apps and I have yet to see anyone address is not privacy but the real possiblity of making yourself a victim of stalking, robbery or rape. I don't think it's a good idea to indiscriminantly tell people where you are at any given moment. Depending on who is following you and how, those messages can be viewed by more than your closest friends and family. Why don't you just put a sign on your forehead "Come get me"?

Am I missing something here?

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

From a teacher's pitrpecseve it does make me wonder if the busy school days and terms are a good ways to organize learning. Are students connected merely by being a physical space learning together? Do we have both physical and learning spaces where serendipitous meetings of students with half and idea are able to combine to gain a new understanding? How do we make sure our students group work is effective?

Good stuff! One thing I've been doing to get one of my new blogs to grow is to simply rvieew the opportunities on PayPerPost or SponsoredReviews. This particular blog I'm talking about is not yet up to the standards they have to be paid for posts, but hey that doesn't mean one can't write about their stuff! So it's a win all over: I get stuff to write about, which helps build my blog's content and attract readers, which helps me practice writing more, which helps the advertiser I'm writing about get free advertising. Granted, my one post one a young blog isn't going to rake in the bucks for them, but every little bit helps.

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