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Thanks Paul. I can't speak for the entire group, these are iirpessmons that I came away with through what I heard and saw while there. That said, my interpretation was that yes, process is necessary and important, but that we should not lose sight of the end goal which is user success. There was also a meme about toolkits in favor of process that was interesting. Ultimately, process exists to help teams create products that users will love.

I certainly like that the deatcfo Cohn picture is being discussed. I also love the fact that new ideas that are being discussed. However (you knew this was coming), I think that the simplicity of either the Cohn picture or the new figure 8 picture will be difficult to be both complete and simple. That means I believe this discussion needs to go on some more and we are going to see many more iterations of the new picture.My first reaction, was the top ring resonated with me. The bottom ring didn't. Before reading any of the comments my first reaction was to suggest that the labels on the bottom be Reality, Team, Improvement . I'm still thinking that is not bad, but would like the word people in there, as suggested by some of the comments. So perhaps People, Team, Improvement . I like team in the middle since stuff should revolve around the team.Anyhow, my 2 cents (pence?) in a discussion that I think will continue for a while.

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