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Zheng Lang and Cui Xian dauted the breast that guides to go into all of a sudden towards seeing one eye, Cui Xian secretly and grew loose one breath.After being not afraid of more than a months, made profit at that time, the imperial government would concern and didn't make profit now, a listen to Zheng Lang change more than 80,000 acre good farms into sugar cane farmland, will make some big ministers for concerning for the country and the people worried what appearance?

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After bringing back to fall a red hall, Liu Cheng Feng immediately takes out more jasper lotuses fruit to take for all flowers pretty woman,

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After knowing those private's sons that chose other three gentlemanses to smell listen to not, will can't dizzy dead?

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"BE, do minister son of, should be attributed to imperial government, be attributed to his majesty, otherwise be used as heavy minister, buy a popular support to want to do what?Can he at for imperial government don't good process in, whether also is sending goodwill gestures to the common people for oneself?BE discreditting me?"

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It is full to is original Fan Yao's self-confidence


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